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We have a few pictures from the last few years of the Youth and Community Festival, which is held on the Hartwood Festival Grounds at Hartwood Presbyterian Church
Located off of Route 17 on Hartwood Road (map) across from the Hartwood Elementary School.

GPS address would be 25 Hartwood Road, Fredericksburg VA 22406

If you have some photos that you'd like to share with us, you can e-mail them to us or share them with us on Facebook!

8 September 2012

9:00 A.M.

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Who was Stewart, and whats she got to do with Hartwood Days?




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Sorry there arent more, but we're usually busy RUNNING the event, and forget (or dont get a chance) to take pictures.

2011 Hartwood Days Festival Pictures


2010 Hartwood Days Festival Pictures

2009 Hartwood Days Festival Pictures


2008 Hartwood Days Festival Pictures


If you have some photos that you'd like to share with us from one of the events, you can e-mail them to us at info@hartwooddays.org


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Sponsored in part by:

Hartwood Presbyterian Church

The planning committee for Hartwood Days is working on getting some new events to make this 10th anniversary event something special. You can check out some of those coming on the Events Page.

If you know of something or someone who should really be on the field, ask 'em to check out our Vendor page.

The Hartwood Days Festival Commitee is being headed up by Venturing Crew 1717. The crew is responsible for the coordination, management and operation of the event under the authorizaton of Hartwood Presbyterian Church, who retains the intelluctual rights to the "Hartwood Days Festival"..