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Entering the data below and clicking the button will place this rabbit's registration into your "Cart". If you have multiple rabbits to register, click "continue shopping" from the Cart, and you will return to this page, to enter the next rabbit. Once you have completed entering in all rabbits, you can Checkout, paying for all registrations.

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How long before the show?

It is finally here!

13 September 2014
9:00 A.M.

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As this is the second year for this part of the Festival, we appreciate your patience, and welcome your suggestions.

Eric Stewart, P. O. Box 5667, Bloomington, Il 61702
Dues: Adult $20, $50/3 yrs; Youth $12, $30/3 yrs; H/W $30, $75/3 yrs;
- 2012 ARBA Convention and Annual Meeting, OCT 27-31, Wichita, Kansas -
The Festival reserves the right to refuse entries from exhibitors placing an entry from all locations within 150 miles which has had a confirmed outbreak of RCV/RHD/VHD within the past 60 days of the entry deadline.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact us at

or at


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