Saturday, 13 September 2014
Come out to the Stafford County Hartwood Days Festival and earn a couple of Badges!!!

You can still sign up for open classes on site Saturday morning, but

Registration is CLOSED

You can still do walk-ins at the Badge Day booth on Saturday, the 13th

During this years Hartwood Days celebration, you have the opportunity to work on some very unique badges. Sponsored by Venturing Crew 1717, we've tried to find some badges that most folks dont have. . . kinda off the beaten path so to speak. These are some unique badges that will be fun and a great addition to your collection! Individual scouts as well as Troops are welcome until seats are full.

_____The best part. . . while scouts earning their badge, the adults can enjoy the Festival Events. And when the Scouts are finished their badgework THEY can also enjoy all of the games and boths that will be at the Festival!!


We are constantly working on additional badges to add to the offerings, so check back often. Online Registration for 2014 isCLOSED

_____Pre-registration will be required and class sizes will be limited to the number of seats listed as available for that class that have PAID(just as with last year) & registered scouts (or displayed class size below). There may be the possibility of same day Registration, but Pre-Registration will make sure that you have a seat in the badge you want, and speed up inprocessing on the day of the event!

Registration payment is for workshop training only, the actual Patch of the Try-it, Badge, or IP or the Beltloop, Pin, or Merit Badge is NOT included in this cost. The actual patches can be ordered by your Troop leader, or (in the event your unit is unable) the parent, with authorization from the Troop Leader.

There's always a big line the morning of the event for day of registration, so please Pre-register & come early!

_____Scouts will be able to complete some badges and get partials at others. The specifics of any Pre-requisites needed to complete tha badge will be listed under each badge. All participants should wear their Scout Uniform (Class A) and bring the materials required on the Pre-Requisites page for the badge they plan to complete. See last years Pre-requisites page to get an idea how this works. Additional materials they should bring include:

  • writing materials
  • any completed work/projects from Pre-requisites with them.
  • Lunch money or lunch (lunch can be purchased through the Hartwood Days vendors, not us)
  • Boy Scouts attending they will also need to bring,
    • a Scoutmaster signed blue merit badge card, and
    • the appropriate merit badge pamphlet with them.

The TRAILBLAZER Program, which will be held on the festival grounds as well, will be FREE. Make sure you bring out your Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts for this great event!!! Make sure that your Scouts bring some NON-SCOUT FRIENDS!! Older Scouts may also be interested in some of the folks who will be working with the program. For more info on the Trailblazer part of the event, click on the link to the left.

COST: Cub Scout Beltloop/Pins, BSA and GSUSA badges will be offered at $5.00 per badge. Some badges may have a material cost not covered in this registration cost, so check under the Pre-requisites for each badge.

LOCATION: Hartwood Presbyterian Christian Education Center, 50 Hartwood Church Road, Fredericksburg, VA 22406

Check in at the Badge Day Registration Booth upon arrival at the event that morning to find out where your badges will be held.

Address or Intersection:
State: ZIP Code:

Badges offered so far are on the REGISTRATION PAGE - Badge registration is now closed

Seat counts are being tracked by PAYPAL, so if you attempt to register for a class and it is full, PAYPAL will tell you. Some have asked if there is a standby, there isnt, but if you wish to check to see if a class is still full on the morning of the workshop, you can do so then.


Online Registration is now OPEN for badges.. You can still Register the morning of the event, but please come early!

  • This will take you to a registration form that will send an electronic form to the Crew, who will enroll scouts in the courses in the order in which the registrations were received.
  • One form must be filled out for EACH SCOUT!
  • To ensure that you have a spot in the class you want, you should pre-register online, however it may be possible to register in person for some classes if they are not full, or have no-show's
  • Priority will be given to paid registrations

Payment can be made through PayPal (registration page)

  • You can pay for more than one scout's badge classes
  • no-show's will not be refunded
  • Although some openings may be available on the day of the event, Priority will be given to paid registrations made in advance
  • the individual Badge/Try-It/IP patches are not part of this registration. Unit leaders or parents will need to obtain these for their scouts. Information will be given on how to order Girl Scout Badge/Try-It/IP patches from outside our council.


We are still working on providing more badges, some of which are shown below. If you would like to assist us in instructing a badge, please contact us at badges @

Please keep checking back on this page, to see when these badges are open for registration. The badge picture will be moved to the top of the page when we are ready to offer it!


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