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Who was Stewart, and whats she got to do with Hartwood Days?


Stafford County Agricultural Competitions!

ADGA Sanctioned 
Goat Show

Designed to allow youth to demonstrate showmanship, and display their hard work throughout the year, we hope that the winners of the different competitions will continue to the Virginia State Fair competitions later in September.

Dan Stoll, Superintendent

Ms. Terri Brown, Secretary 

Judge: Anne M. Clagett

Show #1 - ADGA Youth Senior Doe Show
(Show Order: ND, AOP, RG)

Show #2 - ADGA Youth Junior Doe Show
(Show Order: ND, AOP, RG)

It is finally here!

13 September 2014

9:00 A.M.


2014 Official Schedule for Saturday Sept. 13

06:00 a.m. - 08:30 a.m.

All Goats in Place: 
0900 a.m.

Judging: 10:00 a.m.

Release: 5:00 p.m.


Not sure where Hartwood is?

Our address is actually considered Fredericksburg, VA.

Address or Intersection:
State: ZIP Code:



Rosettes for Champion and Reserve
Ribbons for Cloverbud, Junior, Intermediate and Senior Individual in Showmanship and Judging

As the intent of the Stafford County Hartwood Days Festival is to send winners to the State Fair, All VA State Fair General Rules, Livestock Rules, and the Show Ring Code of Ethics apply to this department. When special rules of the Youth Poultry Department conflict, the Youth Department rules will prevail. By submitting an entry form, you agree to read and abide by these and all State Fair rules that apply.

Dairy Goat Shows Saturday, September 13, 2014


1.These shows are sanctioned by the American Dairy Goat Association and their rules shall govern. Only ADGA, AGS and CGS registered, recorded, or applied animals may be shown. The Youth Jr Doe Show is sanctioned for the following breeds: Nigerian Dwarf, All Other Purebred, and Recorded Grade. The Youth Senior Doe show is separately sanctioned for the same.

2.The original registration certificate is required for animals 6 months of age and older and must be shown to the Show Secretary before the start of the show. The original registration certificate, duplicate application or fax copy stamped by the ADGA office is required for all animals under 6 months of age and this must be shown to the Show Secretary before the start of the show. A stamped duplicate (good for 30 days from date of issue) will be accepted for all animals under six months of age. Exhibitors are reminded that all tattoos must be readable.

3. Youth Entries for Show #1 will be $5.00 per animal. All goats shown in the ADGA Youth Show must be registered in the name of a youth exhibitor only (ie under 21 years of age) and shown by a youth. Entries for the Youth Show #2 entries will be $5.00 per animal. Entry payment should be made on line or could be included with your mail-in entries/exhibitor information sheet (Online is fastest, and most accurate for the secretary to have the information in a timely manner). Entries must be made on line and/or postmarked by August 31, 2013. Late entries and day of show entries may not be accepted because of limited space. The Fair & Festival reserves the right to limit entries once the pen space allotment is filled. Substitutions may be made. Entry fees and pen fees must accompany completed entry blanks. There will be no refund of fees for any reason. There will be a $30.00 surcharge for returned checks.If you enter the show and are unable to attend, please contact Terri Brown at .

4. ADGA rosettes will be awarded for Grand, Reserve Grand, and Best in Show in both Jr and Sr doe shows. Additional awards will be posted at the show. Exhibitors are able (and encouraged) to setup their own pens (provide your own cover). We request that all exhibitors consider making a donation to help support the goat show expenses. If a pen is requested to be set up then a $4 or $8.00 pen fee will be charged (no straw provided) to cover the cost of pen panel purchase/rentals. We cannot guarantee a cover for pens that we set up. Pens will be made out of cattle stock panels and are expected to be approximately 4' x 4' with a few 8’ x 8’. Each exhibitor is responsible for cleaning their own pens and/or area before leaving. Disposal site for used straw will be designated at the show. Please bring forks/shovels, tarps & wheelbarrows to clean pens. Please also be aware that there is no electricity and limited water(approx. 300 gal) at the show site! Port-o-johns will be in the Ag area.

5. The base date for computing animal's age is September 14, 2013. Location of the show is the Hartwood Days Festival, 25 Hartwood Road, Fredericksburg VA 22406 . The judge for the Youth Show is Anne

6. Every goat brought to the show will be required to have a current Health Certificate (CVI) or Interstate health papers for out of state animals dated within 30 days of the show. The Health Certificates (CVI) must be presented to the Health Check Officials. Animals cannot be exhibited until inspected by Health Check Officials. Animals showing any signs of infectious or contagious disease, as determined by the Health Check Officials, will be barred from the show. Decisions of the Health Check Officials are final. Entry fees will not be refunded. Please do not bring sick animals to the show.

7. Youth animals must be checked in by 8:30 am. Judging begins promptly at 9:00 am with Youth Showmanship, followed by Show #1 –Sr. Doe Show, and Show #2 - Jr. Doe. All Grand Champions must compete for Best Doe in Show or will forfeit leg earned at this show.

8. Arrival & Parking. Arrival time is after 5 am on Saturday. All animals must be in place before 9 am when the entrance roadway will be blocked off for public access to the ag site. The show will be held in the Agriculture Area which is the first area on your left as you turn on to Co Rd 705 from Rt 17. Note: Large gooseneck trailers and RV's are not able to access the Ag area fields and there is no nearby parking available. Release time! Dairy Goats will be released after 5 p.m., for safety reasons and to keep presentations intact for the guests viewing the exhibits. Vehicles parked offsite will be allowed on or near the grounds ONLY after 5:00 p.m. for pickup. The Stafford County Agricultural Fair & Hartwood Days Festival will not be responsible for loss, damage, or accident to any person, animals, or property. Only working or exhibit dogs are permitted in the Ag area.

9. The order of the show is subject to change due to emergency as determined by the Show Committee.

Showmanship (Senior Showmanship will be held first)

Senior-Ages 16-20

Intermediate-Ages 12-15

Junior -Ages 8-11

Novice-First year exhibitor

There will be no overall showmanship class.

Show #1

Classes for Youth Sr Doe Show

(Show Order: ND, AOP, RG)

C1. Milkers under 2 years

C2. Milkers 2 and under 3 years

C3. Milkers 3 and under 4 years

C4. Milkers 4 and under 5 years

C5. Milkers 5 years and over

Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion

Best Youth Sr Doe in Show

Best Udder

Show #2

Classes for Youth Jr Doe Show

(Show Order: ND, AOP, RG)

Y1. Junior Kid (Born on/after April 1, 2014)

Y2. Senior Kid (Born 12/1/13 - 3/31/14)

Y3. Dry Yearling (Born 9/15/2012 - 11/30/13)

Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion

Best Youth Jr Doe in Show

Register HERE:

As this is the first year for this part of the Festival, we appreciate your patience, and welcome your suggestions.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact us

or at




Interested in becomming a sponsor or a vendor for 2014?


The Stafford County Agricultural Fair & Hartwood Days Festival Commitee,  is a 501-C-3 Charity, which is registered as a Non-Stock Corporation in the State of VA, with an IRS Non-Profit Status, responsible for the coordination, management and operation of the



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