Arts & Crafts

Stafford County Agricultural Competitions!

Designed to allow youth or adults to demonstrate showmanship, and display their hard work throughout the year, we hope that the winners of the different competitions will continue to the Virginia State Fair competitions later in September.

Categories offered will of course depend on proposed participation, but the following categories are currently being developed:

As we get volunteers to staff new divisions, we hope to add more categories.

SCAC Departments & Divisions
Arts and Skills - Department 3
Adult Arts & Crafts 3-A
Youth Arts & Crafts 3-B

Quilt Show / Display

Youth Sewing??


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Who was Stewart, and whats she got to do with Hartwood Days?

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There will also be several Classes, Exhibits, and fun for the Kids!

Contct for details and registration!


Much thanks to the folks from

for being an INSTRUMENTAL part of making this Department a reality!!!



As this is the first year for this part of the Festival, we appreciate your patience, and welcome your suggestions.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact us at

or at



Not sure where Hartwood is?

Our address is actually considered Fredericksburg, VA.

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The planning committee for Hartwood Days is working on getting some new events to make this 15th annual event something special. You can check out some of those coming on the Events Page.

If you know of something or someone who should really be on the field, ask 'em to check out our Vendor page.

The Hartwood Days Festival Commitee, headed up by Venturing Crew 1717 is now a Non-Stock Corporation in the State of VA, with an IRS 501-C-3 Non-Profit Status, responsible for the coordination, management and operation of the event. Hartwood Presbyterian Church, retains the intelluctual rights to the name"Hartwood Days Festival" (sm)
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