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Handicapped Access 

We are often asked if our event provides access for handicapped, or mobility challenged visitors.


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Rides will open on
17 SEP 2015



Sponsored by: 

Hartwood Presbyterian Church 

There is special parking for handicapped visitors in Lot C, directly across from the lower event lot (See below)

We also have handicapped accessible male and female bathrooms on both the bottom floor of the CEC, and the 2nd floor of the CEC (that Brick Building on the site).

Access from the lower lot area, to the upper field area can be assisted by entering the CEC building on the first floor, and taking the elevator up to the 2nd floor. From there, you can exit the front door, and

  • turning left will take to the Living History Area. 
  • turning right will take you to the Upper Event field

It may be harder to traverse the Field depending on recent weather, and the hardness of the ground

"Handicapped Lot " Lower School bus Parking Area next to the playground
Lot C

GPS Address:
20 Shackleford Well Rd, Fredericksburg, VA

View Lot C - Handicapped in a larger map


 The planning committee for Hartwood Days is working on getting some new events to make this 14th anniversary event something special. You can check out some of those coming on the Events Page.

If you know of something or someone who should really be on the field, ask 'em to check out our Vendor page.


The Hartwood Days Festival Commitee, headed up by Venturing Crew 1717 is now a Non-Stock Corporation in the State of VA, with an IRS 501-C-3 Non-Profit Status, responsible for the coordination, management and operation of the event. Hartwood Presbyterian Church, retains the intelluctual rights to the name"Hartwood Days Festival" (sm)





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