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Register early !

We only allow one vendor for each home business (Avon, Pampered Chef, ect.).   

We reserve the right to deny registration.

Upon receipt of your payment, you will receive a confirmation and spot number.

* Food Vendors *

Registration Fee:

$100.00 or 10% of Sales (whichever is lower)

Please let us know what size of space you need and if you need access to power

Craft & Vendor Registration

The 13th Annual Hartwood Days Community Festival

8 September 2012
9:00 A.M.

Trying to figure out how to get your Business or Organization into the event?

Been asked if you'd consider participating?

Wondering how you can fit into all of ths?


To register ONLINE using PayPal
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Click the Register link above for a Non-Food concessions Vendor, which will take you to our new interactive registration MAPwith a layout of the available areas, and our new booth space types.


INTERESTED Food concessions Vendors contact us at food@hartwooddays.org prior to mailing us ANYTHING

Download the official invite letter HERE
(requires Adobe Reader)

Download a mailable Registration form HERE
Mailed in registrations will be subject to spaces available in the donation range paid

Not sure whats going on?

Hopefully this page will help answer those and any other questions you may have, but if not you can always contact us with ANY other questions you may have. We'd LOVE for you to help us provide Hartwood Days with great activities, exhibits, games, music, and booths!

This is a GREAT opportunity to get your business or organization out in front, in the "public eye". We hope to draw boys, girls, and their families from Northern Virginia, and all over! There are 3 ways your organization could participate:

1. VENDOR - As a vendor you are allowed to operate "for profit" at the festival. If your business (home or storefront) would like to set up a booth, a 10' X 10' outdoor space is available for a nonrefundable donation (more than one spot can be obtained) based on the location of the booth spot. Registration Deadline: September 1st ($10.00 late fee after September 1st). Basicly, if you're selling something, or marketing your business, you're a Vendor. We plan to allow one vendor for each home business (Avon, Pampered Chef, ect.), so first come, first served in that arena. More than one Craft Vendor or business is allowed.

2. EXHIBITOR (FREE) - Your business or organization would bring an event / demonstration booth / presence to Hartwood Days to educate/provide an activity/service for those attending. In doing so, you would also be showcasing your organization. Just about anything that your organization would like to bring/do would be welcome. We're providing you with a time to put out whatever message you'd like to the youth and Scouts, which will range in age from Kindergarten - Adult. A great aspect of participating as an Exhibitor is that there is no cost to your organization for your involvement, and you could potentially write off your participation as an advertising venture. This booth is not a 'for profit' booth.

Examples might be - a band performing, a United Way Booth, an EMS demonstration of the Jaws of Life, etc. etc.

3. EXHIBITOR INSTRUCTOR (FREE) - Your business or organization would establish a booth as above for general youth and community education/participation, but your organization would also assist us in providing a Cub Scout, Girl Scout, or Boy Scout badge during this event. As above, just about anything that your organization would like to bring/do would be welcome. There is no cost to your organization for your involvement, and by participating as an Exhibitor/Instructor you could potentially write off your participation as either an advertising venture, or as a charitable contribution to scouting (whichever works best for your company/organization). Again, this booth is not a 'for profit' booth.

Examples might be - a ceramics studio, also running a ceramics Girl Scout badge; an Electrical Contractor, also running the Electricity Merit Badge; a veteranarian, also doing the a GS/BS badge.


All types of participants should feel free to use whatever means you'd like, to include handouts, displays, interactive events, or activities (or all if you'd like) to provide the best experience to your audience. Of course, you would be able to decorate your area with promotional material, flyers, etc., as we know this will benefit your organization, and hopefully bring you more business or further your goals. Based on last year, we think that we could possibly expect around 4500-5000 youth and their families.

Opportunities are also available to assist us in SITE SUPPORT if your company specializes in, or would like to assist us by sponsoring a needed service (porta-potties, trash receptacles)

Additional Options


For further information contact: info@hartwooddays.org
or call (540) 270-7914

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Help Promote the event,

Download one of our POSTERS and help get the word out!
(Posters are in .pdf format)

Scouts . General Poster
Trailblazer Flyer

Our address is actually considered Fredericksburg, VA.

Address or Intersection:
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Rain or Shine

An 10' X 10' outdoor space is available for a non-refundable donation based on the new registration map (TBA)

Registration Deadline: September 1st
($10.00 late fee after September 1st)
Register early for best location

We have several Vendor Spots this Year!

1) Hours of the show are 9:00 am 5:00 pm on Saturday, September 8th. Vendors are expected to be set up and ready by 9:00 am. Vendors must remain up and attended until the 5:00pm. You may stay longer (rides will be open until 11:00) if you wish, but must stay open until at least 5pm..

2) Vendor spaces are in a grass field. Your space will be marked with numbers near the playground. Each space is 10ft x 10ft.

3) Vendors must provide their own tables, chairs, and/or display racks. Vendors are permitted to bring a tent or other items that will help with your display. You may steak into the ground if needed.

4) Electricity is not available.

5) We encourage you to have an activity for children at your booth.

6) We allow your group to do giveaways or raffles. In respect of our food concessions,  we ask that you do not give out free water, sodas or lunch items. Candy is a great option.

7) Vendors may drive a vehicle or trailer next to the vendor area in order to unload. When finished, please park in the designated parking area.

8) Directions: (From I-95) Exit 133: US-17 N/Warrenton Rd Continue on Warrenton Rd. for 6 miles Turn right onto Hartwood Road (light) Travel mile. Turn left into parking lot across from school. You can also use our Directions gizmo on the main page!

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