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The Festival Committee

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The Festival is planned, coordinated, and executed by the "Stafford County Hartwood Days Festival Committee", a Non-Stock Corporation in the State of Virginia, which is an IRS 501-C-3 Non-profit organization, with the intent of encouraging and providing opportunities for the education of youth primarily through those means which are used in Scouting, and secondarily through other businesses and organizations acting as subject matter experts while strengthening ties within the community, between the people of the community, and those businesses and organizations which serve it. The vehicle which is used is the Festival, much like a County Fair, but with an underlying (or maybe overt) "funducational" tone!

8 September 2012

9:00 A.M.

The Bloodmobile will be

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Our address is actually considered Fredericksburg, VA.

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Rides will open on Thursday, 6 SEP 2012

Who was Stewart, and whats she got to do with Hartwood Days?

The Stafford County Hartwood Days Festival Committee is open for membership (volunteer@hartwooddays.org),and is currently run mostly by youth involved in Scouting, with some adults helping things along, and with guidance from an Advisory Board. Under its current management, the festival has grown exponentially in the last 5years, with an expected attendance of 4500-5000 for 2012. The first to bring Rides back to Stafford County in over 15 years, the Festival continues to grow in accordance with its strategic objectives, and the crowd continues to grow with it. Unlike many festivals or fairs, the driving logic behind the Stafford County Festival, is to provide a low cost, "Funducational" event for families to bring their youth to, while still providing a meaningful experience for other segments (empty nesters, post college/pre-family, etc), or in other words "something for everyone". Currently, the Festival Committee executes the Festival on loaned property, and our footprint is limited by the physical area we have to work with. Additionally, we have limitations on operating hours/days, due to the loaned property. Our current Strategic Vision document, details a schedule of strategic growth and additions to the festival with simply can NOT be supported where we currently operate.

The Hartwood Days Festival was started in 1999 by the Congregation of the Hartwood Presbyterian Church. Originally designed as a vehicle to assist in paying down the mortgage on the Christian Education Center on the Campus, it quickly became a hit. It grew a little more each year, and in 2006 began incorporating a goal of providing funds for a particular charity organization, as decided prior to the festival. As it continued to grow each year, both in size and popularity, the church leadership realized after the 2008 festival, that it was now bigger than their staff could manage. Faced with the possibility of not having the festival in 2009, the 10th anniversary year, the church considered allowing one of its subordinate organizations, Venturing Crew 1717, to coordinate, manage, and execute the event.

The crew presented its proposal to the Board of Session in early 2009, and was brought in much as a subcontractor, to operate the festival. Still owned in Name, the Festival is now wholly organized, managed, coordinated, and executed by the Crew. The Crew, comprising the festival committee in 2009, set up the Festival bylaws and procedures as they now stand, and improved on the festival, modifying it to the current "Youth and Community" Focus. With such innovations as the Trailblazer program, the Living History area, a 9-11 Remembrance ceremony, and the re-introduction of Rides to Stafford county in 2010 (the first time in over 30 years according to the permits department) the Hartwood Days Festival was at the time the closest thing to a County Fair that Stafford County had.

The Festival Committee

As the Festival and the Festival committee is managed by Venturing Crew 1717, the Festival is a Non-profit Venue. All proceeds from booth rentals go into the Festival Account for use on the festival operational needs. The Crew, as a wholly owned subsidiary of HPC, carries the IRS status of their owning organization, and as such is a 501 (c)(3). As the Festival falls under the Crew, they operate under the same status. A seperate IRS status has been applied for, and The Festival Committee is now a Non-Stock Corporation in the State of Virginia, operating under the Bylaws established for the Festival. The name "Hartwood Days Festival" is Service Marked (SM) by Venturing Crew 1717, Hartwood Presbyterian Church.

If you are interested in assisting in the planning and operation of the festival, please consider becoming a member of the Festival Committee, and contact us at volunteer@hartwooddays.org . The Committee always has need of assistance, and has several different areas which all need different talents, you may see something that is right up your alley!!!

A few of the positions both full and not full

Committee Chair
Willis Madden


LHA (Living History Area) Director
Nicholas Kalenich

Agricultural Area Director

Daniel Stoll

Assistant Ag Area Director - Ella Stoll

Event Field Director
Site Support Director -
Charles C Brown
Food Service Director
Charles C. Brown

Marketing Director -
Ethan Carmody

Assistant Marketing Director -
Claire Madden


Capital Development Director -

Capital Development Team
Jackie Jenkins

Youth Programs Director
Badge Day Workshop Coordinators

Boy Scout/Cub Scout - Ken Buszta
Girl Scout Badge Coordinator - Vacant
Trailblazer Coordinator

To apply for any of these positions, please send a brief letter containing your qualifications and desire to assist in this capacity to volunteer@hartwooddays.org .







Files for use by Committee members:

Vision Document (WBS)

Badge Instructor Request

Vendor Request

Exhibitor Request




(its Not too late to be a sponsor or a vendor for 2011)

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Youth Leadership Awards

The VAF sponsors a youth leadership scholarship program annually, in conjunction with the annual convention. Youth ages 14-19 as of January 1st of the contest year are eligible to participate, as long as they have been a participant in or given service to the Hartwood Days Festival. Entry packets for the following year are made available by the VAF on or about September 1st; please check this website for packets at that time. Entries are due by 5:00 p.m. (firm) on the first Friday in December. Entries generally consist of an application, resume, letter of recommendation from the sponsoring fair, and an essay, but always check the entry packet in case things change.

The five components of the contest are weighted equally and include: Essay, Personal Interview, Extemporaneous Speech, Prepared Speech, and Symposium.

The 2012 winners were:

1st - Marty Harris - Orange County Fair - $2,500

2nd - Megan Harris- Orange County Fair- $1,500

3rd - Suzanne Leonard - Carroll County Fair - $l,000

4th - Jackie Morin- Isle of Wight County Fair - $1,000.00

5th - Marshall Staven- Augusta County Fair - $500.00

6th - Kaitlyn Gill - Orange County Fair - $500.00

7th - Kiersten Cochran - Clarke County Fair $250.00

Sponsored in part by:

Hartwood Presbyterian Church

You can check out some of those coming on the Events Page.

If you know of something or someone who should really be on the field, ask 'em to check out our Vendor page.

The Hartwood Days Festival Commitee is being headed up by Venturing Crew 1717. The crew is responsible for the coordination, management and operation of the event under the authorizaton of Hartwood Presbyterian Church, who retains the intelluctual rights to the "Hartwood Days Festival"..